b'O R U P dj V AA V44TM EMore than 20,000 kms of new and updated o\x1f -road tracks Improved responsivenessEnhanced on-road navigation and routingV4The ultimate navigatorfrom Hema MapsREVERSING CAMERACompatible with theNO WIFIHX\x1f2 Navigator NEEDEDON GPSOFF\x1fROAD ADVENTURE MAPSFeaturing on-road, o\x1f -road, and adventure mapsto guide your adventureThe most comprehensive collection of Australian maps of any GPS currently on the market100,000+ Points of interest featuring 10,000+ campsites,caravan parks and free camping spotsPlan and record your trip and share it with your friends and familyPrepared to explore.Hema products are available at leading outdoor retailers or www.hemamaps.com'