b'CLUB SPOTLIGHT ALBURY-WODONGA 4WD CLUB BY: CLUB MEMBERSPHOTOS BY: JEFF CAVANAGHSIMPSON DESERT DOUBLE CROSSINGPART 1The adventure began atsome interesting bouncing about, not just up and down Birdsville following thebut side to side as well. We soon perfected the art of arrival of six vehicles fromwalking the vehicle over the dunes where the sand was packed, or using a bit of right foot when the sand our club. was soft and loose.Arriving at the Eyre Creek normal crossing, Birdsville to Mt Dare which was still impassable we headed north on the bypass track to the upstream crossing. The crossing Day 1: at this point was about 600mm deep and over 50Following a hearty breakfast at the bakery,meters wide, but all vehicles negotiated it without any we headed off to Big Red. We reduced tyre pressuresproblems.and climbed Big Red without difficulty. The nextWe continued on the bypass track until we reached the QAA Line again and continued until we made camp dune, appropriately named Nemesis presentedDay 2:some difficulty for some of the convoy, but after someabout 8 km into the Munga Thirri National Park.adjustment of tyre pressures we were on our way once Continued along the QAA Line until we again on the QAA Line.crossed momentarily into Northern Territory and Many of the dunes on this section were badlyturned south toward Poeppel Corner. The drive south scalloped with deep holes and moguls, resulting inwas mainly easy going along the edge of a dry salt 20 TRACKWATCH|December 2023'