b'into the hut. There was also a lotmain large logs could be carved of empty cans and bottles stackedup by both our trip leader and around the walls of the hut and lotsthis time also our tail end Charlie. of broken camp chairs which weTodays travels have certainly given will remove next weekend duringus our fair share of trees across the cleanup. Everyone enjoystracks and a few more volunteer the experience of visiting an oldhours logged with Four Wheel high country hut in the remoteDrive Vic. One more river crossing mountains and even though thisand then it was back up onto the hut was not shown in its bestmain track heading homeward light, its history and its value ofbound, but not before one last stop being an emergency shelter in theat the majestic Snobs Creek Falls middle of nowhere was very muchwhere we all aired up, admired appreciated and valued.the falls and said our goodbyes to The afternoon was not shortthose heading back to Melbourne of excitement with a few trackswhile the rest of the convoy headed less travelled and a bit more trackfor the nice warm fire of the Hilton clearing with all the convoy gettingback at the club property. A great out of their vehicles and lending aday had by all, even if there was no hand to move branches, logs andsnow!debris out of the way before the TRACKWATCH|December 2023 19'