b'INSURANCEencounter on our road ahead, packing essentialrashes and burns) to major injuries (bites, brokenAmarok Stylesurvival gear, first aid kits and a snake bite kit.bones and heavy bleeding).While most of the time snakes and spiders areKey items to have in every camping first aid kit, more afraid of us than we are of them, they willinclude burn gels, burn dressings, gloves, bandages,still defend themselves if they are surprised or feelgauze, wound dressings, medical tape, iodine swabs,%threatened. 4WD vehicles, tents and chairs makeinsect bite sprays, antihistamines, pain relief drubs5.99P.A. Comparison Rate.for a great temporary home to a snake or spider,and EpiPens. For snake or spider bites, its important as they provide great methods of regulating theirto include pressure immobilisation bandages, temperature. If you have taken your 4WD out on thepermanent markers and conforming heavyweight road on a cool Australian night, the warm enginebandages.bay can make for a nice bed. Its important to alwaysThe second component of quality first aid is the be mindful when you are conducting your morningknowledge. While the equipment can certainly checks, especially around the tent, the bonnet andhelp with most incidents, having the first aid shoes.First Aid training to deal with the major incidents might be the difference in saving a life, especially in As highlighted above, wildlife out in the country canthe remote parts of the country. There are many spring a surprise when we least expect it. Therefore,online tools and guides that can assist with first its crucial for all adventurers to be well preparedaid training online. If you looking for something for any emergency with adequate equipment anda bit more formal, many organisations such as St knowledge. A first aid kit is a must have and itJohns Ambulance provide certified first aid training should be regularly maintained throughout thecourses across all states and territories.year. A good first aid kit should be able to handleWe hope these tips were beneficial and contribute to everything from minor injuries (scrapes, scratches,a safer trip next time. Stay safe out there. Four Wheel Drive Victoria Blood DriveSaving Lives, Spreading Holiday Cheer, and Building a Strong TeamThe Four Wheel Drive Victoria Blood Driveimpact on someones life can boost your mental is in full swing, running from October 1st towell-being.December 31st. This remarkable initiative hasNovember brings an exciting partnership with already made a significant impact, with 22Movember, a global charity promoting awareness donations from 14 generous donors. Theseof mens health issues. To show support for contributions include 17 plasma donations, 4this essential cause, donors will receive a whole blood donations, and 1 platelet donation,limited edition Movember bandage designed by showcasing the 4WDs communitys dedicationMovember founder, Travis Garone.36 Month Term. Offer ends 31/12/2023to coming together and giving back. Furthermore, the timing of this blood drive aligns Blood donation isnt just about saving livesitperfectly with the holiday season. LifebloodsContact your local dealershipoffers essential mental and physical healthupcoming Gift of Life holiday campaign benefits to donors. If youre looking for a reasonFor approved applicants of Volkswagen Financial Services (VFS) ABN 20 097 071 460, Australian Credit Licence 389344 forto become a regular donor, heres why youemphasizes the importance of giving during theMY22, MY23 and MY24 new and demonstrator across the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Range Excludes all 4MOTION vans,festive season. Theres no greater gift than theAmarok Aventura TSI, Amarok Aventura TDI and Amarok PanAmerciana. Max term 36 months. Finance applications must beshould consider it: received by 31/12/2023. Excludes other offers. While stock lasts. A lump sum at the end of the loan may also apply. Other fees,Physical Health Benefits: gift of life, and by donating blood, you play a vitalDonating bloodrole in making the holidays special for those incharges, T&Cs apply. Comparison rate based on 5 year secured consumer fixed rate $30,000 loan. WARNING: This comparisonhelps maintain healthy iron levels, which canneed. So, before you set off for your summer trips,rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amountsreduce the risk of heart disease. It promotes theconsider adding donating to your to-do list. might result in a different comparison rate. VFS may extend, withdraw or change offer at any time. To see if this product is rightproduction of fresh, new blood cells, enhancingBut what truly makes the Four Wheel Drivefor you, please see our Target Market Determination on our website.overall cardiovascular health. Additionally, eachVictoria Blood Drive special is the opportunity to donation comes with a free health check-up,build a strong and inclusive team. Anyone can join ensuring youre in good health.Mental Health Benefits: the team. Empower yourself and encourage yourDonating blood is afamily and friends to do the same. Remember, it selfless act that brings fulfillment and happiness.takes all of us, and every drop counts. To join, head The knowledge that youve made a positiveto www.lifeblood.com.au or call 131495. 30 TRACKWATCH|December 2023'