b'around, it was just before dark and a Time to head for town and see Darren. surprised later to find the dog layingdog approached me wagging his tail He was busy building a toilet, and as I on my bed, as if he owned it. I hadto the point he could barely walk, a had a few hours to kill before picking left the door of the camper closedyoung hound dog, I dont know what up the trailer at Jasons place, I asked and zipped up, fortunately no dam-breed, but too small to be a Blood Darren if he could use some assis- age. By the end of the day Phillip hadHound. I put a bag under the camper tance, which he gratefully accepted.a new best friend. They say the bestand that is where he stayed all night. I I picked up the trailer from Jason and wayto a mans heart is throughheard a couple of rifle shots that headed back to Darrens to assist a his stomach. In this case dogsevening but the dog didnt move, he little more. The first of our group heart. On one of Darrens trips backwas content with my company. Next arrived at Orbost Bakery before 14:00 into town he took the dog to the vetmorning, he was still there. I gave him and the last just before our planned (no chip) and posted a message ona feed of my sausages that I was departure time of 15:00. In convoy we Facebook, hopefully the owner will begoing to have that night and went for headed approximately 30 kms north found.a drive to see if I could find any sign of Orbost to the property at Yalmy. Camp was set up in front of a of the dogs owner and get some fire I had told everyone about the dog machinery/hay shed, the onlywood for the first couple of nights. No and had anticipated a greeting the available flat area in an idyllicsuccess finding the dogs owner but I same as before. On arrival the dog picturesque setting, happy hour,did drag in a good-sized log to cut was nowhere to be seen so I figured dinner then sleep, ready for an 08:30and split for fire wood. The dog he had left. I went in and out of my start. greeted me the same way as before. camper a few times and wasTRACKWATCH SEPTEMBER 2020 7'