b' Club SpotlightIdlers 4WD ClubYalmy Fence Restoration - July 2020 -The call for help, and we can finally assist. Buchan BlaizeAid asked 4WD Vic toask a 4WD Club to assist with fencing on a remote property east of the SnowyRiver, too far away from Buchan for them to viably repair the fences. This request put our ever-ready Community Support person, Barry into action.He rang me (Geoff Pontin) and by the end of our conversation we had arrangeda tentative date for me to lead a trip to a farm at Yalmy, approximately 30 kmsnorth of Orbost. No facilities, camping on the property. It was proposed that we needed to beself-sufficient. Enough food and water etc. to last the duration of our stay.Barry posted the trip on the Clubs web site, organised all the paper work thatBlaizeAid required, registration form etc. which left the final arrangements for meto make with the BlazeAid coordinator at Buchan, Graeme Allen, the farmerDarren Downey and a man who had a BlaizeAid trailer at his place atNewmeralla, Jason. Trip 1 Sunday 5th JulySunday12th JulyTrip 2 Sunday 12th JulySunday19th JulyBarry and I were hoping for groups ofat least six for each week, I was goingto stay for the fortnight so that meantfive others each week. The initial askleft us a few short so Barry made him-self available for the fortnight. WithMartyn Lacey, Geoff Brennan, PhillipTran and Keith Osbourne we were setfor the first week.I arrived on Saturday 4th met Darrenand his wife Lisa at their house inOrbost, then made my way to thefarm at Yalmy. (Dont bother lookingfor a town called Yalmy, it is a smallrural location).After setting up thecamper and having a little look 6 SEPTEMBER2020 TRACKWATCH'