b'working on Mt Selwyn doing road onto Mount Sarah. On reaching Mountworks, then the sun came out which Sarah above 1500m the fog came inmade for some great photos, so we so the view wasnt that good. We wentturned around and headed back down McKenzies track with plenty ofdown the mountain to Buckland Valley snow to drive through and the treesRd and turned right passing covered in snow slapping over ourBeveridges Station. I decided to take windscreens and covering us in snow,Mt Selwyn Creek Rd and see how far then the track came back out ontowe could get. This track had already Tea Tree where we turned left and Ihad vehicles on it, so the track must thought we would go on to Talbotvillego all the way through, so we kept if we have to but the snow started togoing having Mt Selwyn to our right run out at McBrides track so wenow and the track was still covered turned around and headed back towith snow and deer hunters every- Mount Sarah for lunch. The fog waswhere. still hanging around so a quick breakWe came to an intersection and went as it was fairly cold up there and theright along Tea Tree track. Just up a vehicles were a lot warmer. Webit we had smoko and a bite to eat in headed off Mount Sarah back alongthe snow. We kept going passing the Tea Tree and down Mt Selwyn Creekother side of Mt Selwyn Rd and it was rd and it was time to find a campsite,closed but the vehicle tracks heading so we headed back towardsup that way was not good. We Beveridges Station and found a greatcontinued along Tea Tree just follow- campsite on the river with plenty ofing the snow so I thought we will go firewood, so we set up camp, got theBuckland Valley Rd to ScotchmansCreek track. It had a Road Closedsign so that changed the whole tripright there, so we kept on going till wegot to Mt Selwyn Rd and headed upthere passing a heap of deer hunters.As we continued along we could seeMt Selwyn ahead all covered withsnow then the track was covered aswell down as 800m. It was freshpowdery snow that no one had drivenin it as yet, so into Low Range 2ndgear and it was an amazing drive upuntil a locked gate where they wereTRACKWATCH SEPTEMBER 2020 15'