Take a journey into the heart of legendary Snowy River country on a drive with highlights of the remote Snowy River National Park, including spectacular river scenery, deep gorges, waterfalls and magnificent forests.

Best undertaken over 2-3 days, there are opportunities for walking, swimming, canoeing and enjoying riverside starry nights. From Orbost, the tour heads to Buchan Caves, where limestone formations create an underground wonderland. After a guided tour, enjoy a bushland picnic or swim in the spring-fed pool.

Further north, see Little River Falls and Little River Gorge (Victoria’s deepest), before descending into the stunning Snowy River Valley. Rejoining the Snowy, McKillop Bridge stands high above - a scenic spot perfect for rock pool swimming or launching a canoe.

Walk through Ash Saddle Walk’s tall forests, and take in breathtaking views along Tulloch Ard Gorge and the beautiful fern fringed Raymond Falls. The Big Tree – an 80-metre high Errinundra Shining Gum is the perfect picnic spot, before exploring the remains of Hicks homestead, near Hicks Campground.