FWDV would like to offer the below information to assist clubs with meeting their tax obligations.
•    Letter from Crown Accounting (ANFWDC accountant) titled “Tax guidance re mutuality principle”
•    ATO document titled “NFP self-review return_Fact Sheet_A4_v1-0”
•    Discussion paper on new reporting requirements with facts from the ATO Assistant Commissioner

The NFP self-review return fact sheet has a link at the top of page 2:
“You can complete an early self-review at ato.gov.au/NFPselfreviewguide. It will help you to prepare your answers before Tax Time.”

This document and the questions contained therein make it quite clear that 4WD clubs are not tax exempt.
Further, it requires clubs to have clauses in their constitution regarding distribution of funds to members and upon winding up.

It should be stressed that the self-review process is only for Associations that have an ABN.
If your club does not have an ABN then you cannot submit a self-review.

This is the current situation but it may change to include all Associations in the future.
Therefore, it is suggested that clubs look at the document regarding mutuality and change their financial records to reflect income classes and offsetting expenses.

This advice is general in nature and may not be applicable to all clubs. It is always best to get professional advice from a tax accountant based on your clubs financial affairs.


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