Four Wheel Drive Victoria have been notified by Mt Buller Mt Stirling Stakeholders that due to the poor weather and environmental conditions, Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Alpine Resorts (in collaboration with DELWP) are extending the seasonal closures of tracks accessing the top of Mt Stirling.

The following trails will remain closed until 16 December:

- Howqua Gap Track
- Track over the Summit of Mt Stirling
- Clear Hills Track, south of Craig's Hut
- Monument Track

The Circuit Road between Telephone Box Junction and Howqua Gap remains closed until further notice due to a land slip and significant subsidence needing repairs. Craigs Hut remains accessible using the Circuit Road via King's Saddle.

Log trucks will also be using the open sections of the Circuit Rd and Stirling Rd. Visitors are urged to be aware of the truck movements and abide by safety signage.

A map with further details of these impacts can be seen below.

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