Four Wheel Drive Victoria would like to remind everyone of a few key points to keep in mind this Easter long weekend.

🚙 Have a backup campsite prepared! 

High visitation numbers are expected so the campsite you are hoping to camp at may be

full by the time you arrive. Have a backup prepared to not be caught out.

🚙 Take it in, Take it out!

Don't leave your rubbish behind. Any rubbish you create whilst out enjoying the bush please take with you. Help keep the bush we all love clean for years to come

🚙 Stay on formed tracks only!

Please respect our access to our four wheel drive tracks by ensuring you don’t drive off the tracks. Stay on the tracks and don’t drive “off road”. Vehicles do considerable damage to the bush when driven “off road” so make sure you stay on track and care for the bush.
Photo by the Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria