Four Wheel Drive Victoria have been advised by both Parks Victoria and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning of the following works within the Alpine National Park. Please note these works are intended to be completed by the 31st of March 2022 however this time frame

will be regulated by weather conditions.
Alpine National Park.
• Caledonia River Track – track drainage, repair river crossings and corduroy two bog holes in the Caledonia Valley
• King Billy Track – removal of fallen trees and track drainage
• Dingo Hill Track – track drainage along section from Scrubby Hill Tk to Caledonia River Tk
• Blue Plain Spur Track – track drainage and repair bog holes along Macalister River section
• Grimme Track – repair and drain section from Blue Plain Spur Track to Salt Lick Saddle
• Butcher Country Spur Track – track drainage and repair potholes in peatland section on Howitt Plains
• Butcher Country Link Track – track drainage
Other works outside PV managed land are also occurring as part of this package including works along Bull Plain Road, Nobbs Track, Mt McDonald Track, Macalister River Track and Black Soil Gully Track.
There are not anticipated to be any road or track closures due to the works, however travellers may experience some delays.
There will be a general note regarding changed track conditions on ParkWeb.
Photo by Gordon Porter from the Everest Club of Victoria and the FWDV Board.

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