Is your 4X4 road legal? VicRoads have online the list of modifications that can be completed to your car without need for certification. Check below to find out what you can do!                                                                                                                               

Additional lighting, forward and rearward which comply with the standards for regulations
Air horns (single tone only)
Air conditioner
Air shock absorbers 9provided the vehicle maintains its original attitude
Alarm systems
Bull bars which comply with the requirements in VSI 1
Cargo barriers complying with AS/NZS 4034
Markings, paintings, speed strips, reflective (prism pattern) film (on body work only)
Mesh stone shields (windscreens and lamps)
Mudflaps, spats and pebble guards
Radio and sound systems including aerials, speakers and fittings
Rear vision mirror extensions for towing
Roof racks
Stabiliser bars, torque rods and traction rods, provided the ground clearance requirements are still met
Supplementary mirrors not interfering with or significantly reducing the area of the mirrors required by the Standards for Registration
Sun visor (exterior) and rear window louvers
Tow bars, which comply with the requirements in VSI 24
Window tinting, which compliers with the requirements in VSI 2

Link to all VSI (Vehicle Standard Information) Sheets.