Make sure to do the right thing with your campfire while you are camping this summer. Make sure to fully extinguish your campfire with at least three buckets of water each time you leave your campsite.                                                                 

When assembling your campfire if there are no fire rings available at your campsite make sure to dig a hole at least 30cm down and line the outside of it with rocks, making sure to also be clear of any long dry grass.
Campfires can quickly escape and turn into bushfires, which is why the Conservation Regulator has a zero-tolerance approach to those found breaking campfire safety laws.
Conservation Regulator Authorised Officers will be patrolling across the state educating campers about what you can and can’t do when it comes to campfires.
Anyone found breaking the rules could face an on-the-spot fine of $545.
You can also help keep these areas safe by calling 136 186 to report an unattended campfire or 000 for a bushfire.
For more information about campfire safety rules, visit