How do you know if your modifications you have carried out by yourself to your car are street legal? VicRoads specifies what can and cannot be done without certification. The following are modifications that may be performed without certification providing the modifications are carried out in accordance with the sub section 2

General Requirements of Section LA

🚙 Fitting a replacement new, used or reconditioned engine identical to that originally fitted
🚙Fitting a manufacturer’s original engine together with any other associated components (e.g., brakes, suspensions, etc) as supplied by the manufacturer for the same model vehicle
🚙Fitting replacement original equipment engine and exhaust components
🚙Fitting replacement original equipment or better components that have no influence on engine performance or emissions (e.g., higher volume oil pump than original)
In all above cases if the engine is modified such that the resulting power is increased by 20% it must be certified by a VASS Signatory under the relevant Code of Section LA
📸 Photo by the Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Victoria



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