In this year of COVID-19, the Association is often asked for guidance or documented policy on what 4wd Clubs and members can and can't do within restrictions.

Four Wheel Drive Victoria and its affiliated Clubs must comply with all Federal and Victorian government regulations as at the time of publication.  It is acknowledged however, that government regulations and guidelines relating to COVID-19 are constantly evolving.  All Board, Staff, Club Committees and members are urged to make themselves aware of the latest requirements as detailed on the Victorian State Government websites.  

Within the website you can drill down for further information and clarification on the directions issued by Victoria's Chief Health Officer including Restricted Activities (Restricted Areas) and Restricted Activity Directions (Non Melbourne) 

Click on the Green band COVID-19 Update (Please note that Parks Vic guidelines are based on the Victorian Government's restrictions and re-opening Roadmap.)  

There are rules for Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria.  Within these categories you will find information on Incorporated Associations (Clubs) with regard to holding meetings and social gatherings.  

Bear in mind that all information relates back to the directions issued by Victoria's Chief Health Officer and the Victorian Government as at the time of publication. 

By adhering to restrictions including social distancing and restricted activity directions we will slow or stop the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

Wayne Hevey

Chief Executive Officer