Four Wheel Drive Victoria Volunteers Supporting Fire Effected Communities.

Our enthusiastic Four Wheel Drive Club members are currently out in the far reaches of the state in fire effected areas working to assist farmers and communities with their needs.

So far our club members have accumulated over 2,780 work and travel hours supporting fire effected communities and farmers.

Members have been working with farmers in removal of burnt fencing, building new fencing, removing burnt trees, delivering hay etc. both independently and with Blaze Aid.

We work with like-minded community support groups and organisations such as Blaze Aid and Victorian Farmers Federation to support farming communities with delivery of food packs, water, personal products and pet supplies delivering these goods to remote farmers as needed. A recent convoy of over 60 vehicles delivered goods to remote farmers in need as well as displaced families who have lost their homes to the fires in the East Gippsland region..

Many clubs are also running club trips into these regions to visit towns and spend tourist dollars directly with small businesses that are all effected by the fires. We encourage all Victorians to do this to help keep these devastated communities survive.

We also work closely with Government Land Mangers such as DELWP and Parks Victoria and are ready to support them as needed using the skills and experience within the club network.

Our club member volunteers are currently working in Blaze Aid camps across the state including Corryong, Omeo, Wulgulmerang, Bruthen, Lexton, Buchan, Ensay, and Noorinbee-Cann River. Members have also been in NSW Blaze Aid camps helping our NSW friends.

These four wheel drive club members are able to use their many skills and vehicle capability in difficult terrain and support farmers on the ground with difficult tasks such as removal of dangerous burnt trees, rubbish etc.

Our Four Wheel Drive Victoria Rural Response Group (RRG) has other projects in the pipeline to support those in need and are ready to move to any location in the state. The RRG was formed after the Black Saturday bush fires in 2009 to support our members in all sorts of volunteer activities.

For any further information or if you know fire effected people in need please contact our office on 9874 7222 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.