On the 8th and 9th February 1975, a meeting of delegates from four wheel drive clubs initiated the formation of the Victoria Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs (VAFWDC) now known as Four Wheel Drive Victoria.  By July 1975, the first President, Vic Cattapan was elected and the memorandum and Articles of Association had been produced and adopted. 

Founding members of the Association were: Cross Country Jeep Club, Dandenong Ranges Four Wheel Drive Club, Geelong Four Wheel Drive Club, Gippsland Four Wheel Drive Club, Haflinger Club, Toyota Landcruiser Club, Victorian Four Wheel Drive Club, Victorian Military Vehicle Corps 

The lines of communication with Government Authorities, groups and bodies concerned or associated with bush-based recreation and conservation recognised that it was necessary to distinguish club members environmentally responsible use of their vehicles with other kinds of vehicular recreation.  The Association produced stickers, which recognised the need for environmental responsibility of 4WD operators, ie "Keep the Green Scene Clean", "Don't Bugger the Bush - be Environmentally Conscious". 

Since these humble beginnings the VAFWDC has achieved recognition as a responsible body representing a legitimate form of recreation.  The Association has demonstrated a rational and non-emotional approach to liaison with Government and semi-government bodies and through its member clubs a responsible approach to 4WD touring. 

To counter the practice of government bodies closing track access to the public the association negotiated the creation of restricted temporary road and track closures, rather than the permanent closures. This was a major break through with the then Forest Commission and saw a compromise solution, which still exists today in seasonal road closures.

The association has experienced continued growth since those early days with growth in both clubs and individual 4WD owners. At the turn of the century the association changed its trading name to Four Wheel Drive Victoria to help portray a more modern image.

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