Alpine National Park Update

Foiur Wheel Drive Victoria have been advise that the Alpine National Park remains closed, with the exception of the following areas:

Mount Feathertop (between the Great Alpine Road to Mount Hotham and the Alpine Walking Track from Mount Hotham to the Cobungra River)

Areas that are now open in this precinct include:

  • Mount Feathertop
  • Razorback Ridge
  • Bon Accord Spur, Bungalow Spur and North-West Spur
  • Diamantina Horse Yards
  • Dibbins Hut
  • The Alpine Walking Trail between Mount Hotham and Pole 333

Areas that remain closed in this area include:

  • Brandy Creek Mine
  • Dinner Plain (open only to residents and essential services)

Mount Bogong and the northern Bogong High Plains (between the Alpine Walking Track to Pole 333, Fainter Fire Trail to Pretty Valley Pondage, the southern edge of Rocky Valley Storage to Watchbed Creek, the big River Fire Trail to Big River, and Big River to the Omeo Highway)

Areas that are now open in this precinct include:

  • Falls Creek Alpine Resort
  • Mount Bogong
  • Blairs Hut, Tawonga Huts, Edmondson Hut
  • Pretty Valley Pondage
  • Rocky Valley Storage
  • Heathy Spur
  • Watchbed Creek
  • Mount Spione Kopje

Areas that remain closed in this precinct include:

  • Wallace’s Hut, Kelly Hut, Fitzgerald Hut, Johnson’s Hut, Cope Hut
  • Mount Cope
  • Ryder’s Yards
  • Rover Chalet
  • Track 107

Powers Lookout and Paradise Falls

Areas that remain closed within this precinct include:

  • Bennies 
  • Lake Cobbler
  • Sandy Flat and Top Crossing

Area west of Lake Dartmouth

All other areas of the Alpine National Park including roads and tracks remain closed until further notice.

Refer to the map (PDF) for more detail on areas that are open and those that remain closed.

Visitors to all parks and reserves that are adjacent to or nearby areas affected by fire should be mindful of potential water quality issues as a result of the fire event. 

Download Map of Northern Section HERE

For a complete list of the latest National Park Fire Effected status go to