Does your recovery strap comply with the current Australian legislation?

In 2017 the Australian government introduced new legislation - Consumer Goods (Motor Vehicle Recovery Straps) Safety Standard 2017 to ensure safety standards for 4WD Recovery Straps (Snatch Straps). 

Straps that do not comply with the legislation are still being sold at some 4WD shows and markets and may not perform to Australian standards in a vehicle recovery.

We recommend you check your recovery gear to ensure it is safe and compliant.

The following information must appear on the packaging of a motor vehicle recovery strap or on a label attached to the packaging:

 (a)  the strap’s brand name or the logo of the strap’s supplier;

 (b)  the name and contact details of the strap’s Australian manufacturer, importer, distributor or other supplier;

 (c)  the strap’s minimum breaking strength, expressed in metric units;

 (d)  a recommendation that the minimum breaking strength of the strap should be between 2 and 3 times the gross vehicle mass (GVM) of any vehicle it is used with.

You can find more information here

Your recovery Strap should also be fitted with a Safety Warning tag as shown below.