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August 21st 2019

Four Wheel Drive Tracks Not Under Threat in Western Victorian Forests


Four Wheel Drive Victoria is the peak body representing over 90 affiliated 4WD clubs and their families and represents the interests of all four wheel drivers in Victoria.

There has been much speculation and miss-information being communicated by some recreational interest groups and so called celebrity spokespersons stating that four wheel drive tracks will be closed if the proposal to change the status of some State Forests into National Parks is approved by the State Government. This is incorrect and track closures are not being proposed by the VEAC Central West Investigation Report. There is no mention in the report of changing access to four wheel drive tracks in any of the areas affected by this report.

Some recreational activities such as deer hunting, prospecting and mining, horse riding, dog walking and collecting fire wood will be affected or stopped by the proposed changes but to make statements that four wheel drive access to tracks will be closed is false and misleading.

Four Wheel Drive Victoria is very active in ensuring that four wheel drivers will continue to access the tracks in Lerderderg State Forest, Wombat State Forest, Cobaw State Forest and the Pyrenees ranges and other areas included in the VEAC report.

Four Wheel Drive Victoria has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with DELWP and Parks Victoria where we must be consulted with if there are any tracks that are to be considered for change of access. There are strict criteria that must be followed by all parties if a track status change is being considered and Four Wheel Drive Victoria will always work with the land managers to ensure tracks are kept open to the public.

We have proven that by building strong consultative relationships with the State Government and land managers and working with them with volunteer projects such as track clearing and clean up the bush programs as well as our MOU we have maintained and built our track network which has become the envy of other states who don’t have the access to four wheel drive tracks that we have in Victoria. Since 1975 Four Wheel Drive Victoria has strived to keep continued access to our tracks for all Victorians.

Four Wheel Drive Victoria Affiliated clubs and their members adhere to the Tread Lightly principles of responsible, low environmental impact four wheel driving and camping.

Our mantra is “Driving in a sustainable environment”

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