The Facts

 About The Jamieson – Licola Road, Mount Skene, Seasonal Road Closure

The Jamieson – Licola Road over Mount Skene became a Seasonal Closure in 2012 when the local Mansfield Shire closed the road to the public as a result of numerous rescue incidents involving Victoria Police and rescue teams having to rescue stranded, ill equipped travelers on the mountain who had become stranded in deep snow. 

This particular road is very popular with four wheel drivers and 4WD clubs wanting to travel this road due to its usually very challenging, deep snow conditions.

Four Wheel Drive Victoria negotiated a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with the Mansfield Shire which enabled affiliated 4WD clubs to drive the road with a permit system in place. This permit is only available to 4WD clubs that are affiliated with Four Wheel Drive Victoria. We also issue permits to interstate associated clubs on a regular basis where there is availability.

Without the permit system in place the road would be closed to everyone. Four Wheel Drive Victoria have attempted to have this closure discontinued but the authorities will not change the status of the road due to safety and risk management concerns.

Closure Details

The road is closed from Mt Sunday Road intersection, approximately 36 klms from Jamieson and at elevation 1200m, through to the Mansfield/Wellington Shire boundary. The road closure takes effect 13th June – 31st October 2019 inclusive.

Penalty for Driving Without a Permit
The current offence is under the behavior section of the Local law “8.1.4 Act contrary to a Council sign erected in or on that place without the prior written consent of Council” 5 penalty units. A penalty Unit is equal to $169.00
So in the case of this offence any one on the Jamieson-Licola Road who does not have the appropriate permit, in that section of the road between Mt Sunday Road and Morris Road, can be issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice for $845.00 on the spot or by mail.

Permits are only available to members and 4WD clubs that are affiliated with Four Wheel Drive Victoria.