Each year at the beginning of the Victorian snow season (June) pursuant to Clause 7 of Schedule 11 of the Local Government Act 1989, Mansfield Shire Council advises the implementation of the seasonal road closure of part of the Jamieson-Licola Road over Mt Skene until the end of the snow season (October).

The Jamieson – Licola Road (C486) is the route used by most people when accessing Mt Skene (1500m) however; the Mansfield Shire Council closes the road, due to their concerns regarding public safety.

In May 2016 a signed MOU between Mansfield Shire Council and Four Wheel Drive Victoria states: Council agrees that it will, during the Closure, allow members of the association and its clubs to drive along the Road in a four wheel drive vehicle on the condition that not less than 14 business days before the day on which the member intends to drive along the Road either the Club or the member as the Club’s agent provides to council in writing details of the proposed date and approximate time(s) of travel along the Road, the registration number of the four wheel drive vehicle which the member will be driving and the number of passengers therein.

Closure Details

Wrens Flat (Mt Sunday Road) to the Mansfield / Wellington Shire Boundary, Mt Buller Road, Walkers Airstrip, Jamieson (across the bridge), Wrens’ Flat, Wellington Shire Boundary, Licola, Heyfield, start / finish of snake / Edwards drive, and via Lazarini Spur track.

The road closure will be identified by signs erected by the shire (as long as they remain in position) and FWDV have provided signage to assist with the identification.

Victoria Police and the Mansfield Shire have informed us that once again they will have officers monitoring traffic using the road during this closure period, and anyone caught on the road without a FWDV Approved Permit will be fined up to $845.00 per vehicle. The Shire has re written their Local law.
The current offence is under the behaviour section of the Local law “8.1.4 Act contrary to a Council sign erected in or on that place without the prior written consent of Council” 5 penalty units. A penalty Unit is equal to $169.00
So in the case of this offence any one on the Jamieson-Licola Road who does not have the appropriate permit, in that section of the road between Mt Sunday Road and Morris Road, can be issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice for $845.00 on the spot or by mail.

Permits are only available to members and 4WD clubs that are affiliated with Four Wheel Drive Victoria.