Mansfield Shire have increased the penalties for driving on the Jamieson-Licola Rd over Mt Skene.
The Shire has re written their Local law.
The current offence is under the behaviour section of the Local law “8.1.4 Act contrary to a Council sign erected in or on that place without the prior written consent of Council”
5 penalty units.
A penalty Unit is equal to $169.00
So in the case of this offence any one on the Jamieson-Licola Road who does not have the appropriate permit, in that section of the road between Mt Sunday Road and Morris Road, can be issued with a Penalty Infringement Notice for $845.00 on the spot or by mail.
Permits are only available to Four Wheel Drive Victoria affiliated 4WD Clubs. Four Wheel Drive Victoria negotiated this scheme after the Mansfield Shire and Police closed the road due to the excessive number of dangerous rescues in the previous years. Local police have advised us that they will be patrolling the area this season. It is an offence to drive on any seasonal closed road or track during the declared period.
You can check out the list of all seasonal road closures at…/resources/track-closures