An Important Message from Woodspoint Police

Hello all 

Another winter and another warning. 

Over the past few months the incidence of rubbish and litter being left on the roads, tracks and reserves appears to be increasing. People are not only dropping cans, bottles etc on the roads they are still throwing them into campfires and leaving same. This is plain and simple littering, burnt rubbish is still rubbish, take your stuff home please. I and DELWP Officers will have to start issuing Infringement notices for litter at every camp site we come across this winter if people insist on this practice.

 Driving off road has always been an issue in the Mountains. It is an offence under the Land Conservation (Vehicle Control) Regulations, “The Use or operate any motor vehicle in any area of public land where motor vehicles are forbidden other than in accordance with regulation 13 of the Land Conservation (Vehicle Control) Regulations 2013”

 It is also an offence to damage Public Land in these regulations when doing so. I have observed numerous groups of 4wd vehicles come into the Mountains, mostly via Warburton and Marysville who for some reason insist on driving off the formed roads onto the Public Land that adjoins or parallels theses roads and tracks. These drivers cause immense damage and erosion to the land that can only be repaired by grading and regrowth. The Strategic Fuel Break Reserves are a point in mention, unfortunately when the land is under snow the problem increases. I have received numerous Videos and links sent to me by concerned responsible 4wdrivers over the year and have acted on many over that time. Please keep the information coming to me and I will act on it.

 If you are one of the people who I have charged over these matters please learn the lesson, the Mountain Wilderness for everyone to enjoy, not destroy. Look after our Mountains, enjoy the experience and be safe.

Kenneth James DWIGHT BM VA

 Leading Senior Constable 26884

Station Commander Woods Point Police Station

Asst. Delegate Police Association RED3