Many roads and tracks are seasonally closed to vehicle traffic each year. These tracks are closed to vehicles for visitor safety, to maintain water quality and prevent erosion during the wetter months as rain and snow softens the tracks, making them vulnerable to damage.

Seasonal road closures generally operate from the long weekend in June through to the end of October, but may be extended due to seasonal conditions.

Please respect our continued access to these areas during the dry months by ensuring seasonal closed tracks are not driven on in winter. Some may have a gate or barrier and some may not. Considerable penalties apply for non-compliance.  

The 2019 seasonal road closures will be available soon. There will also be additional seasonal track closures listed for fire effected areas this year.

Several areas of the Alpine National Park are closed until further notice due to fire activity and continuing clean up and repair works at various locations across the park area.

Please note that areas in surrounding state forest may be closed or inaccessible due to fire damages including roads, 4WD and walking tracks.

More information is available at