Plan ahead to visit Gippsland’s parks and forests over Easter
Are you planning a trip to Gippsland’s parks and forests for Easter weekend? Whether you’re walking, camping, riding, driving or simply relaxing and enjoying, make sure you plan ahead and have access to all the information you need before you go.
Gippsland’s Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Dr Beth Roberts said: “We’re expecting a surge in visitors to our magnificent forest areas over the Easter holidays and there are plenty of places to explore and experience the great outdoors across the region.
“Some areas will remain closed due to continuing work on environmental recovery, rehabilitation and stabilisation after the fires, but most of the region is open for visitors.
“In the areas where our staff and contractors are working, local roads and tracks and some forest and park areas will be closed.
“There will be signs in place to inform the public of any closures, which are there for the safety of visitors, our crews and to protect the environment, so please respect those closures.
“Gippsland has a huge expanse of parks and forests stretching from Noojee in the west to Mallacoota in the east, north to our cool Alpine areas and south to our stunning coastline.
“Take a hike, ride your bike, pack a picnic, pitch a tent – head to a forest and enjoy all the benefits of the natural environment in some of the most beautiful parts of our region!”
For more information on what to see and do in our state forests, visit and or download the More to Explore app
Some of the main forest and park areas currently closed for public safety:
All tracks west of Dargo High Plains Road (north of Dargo), including Kings Spur Track,
Wonnangatta Road and Wonnangatta Valley.
No access to the Southern Alps and Foothill areas of the Alpine National Park and State Forest campgrounds.
No access to Lake Tarli Karng.
Tamboritha Road is closed at the end of the bitumen section beyond the Wellington campsites - no access north into the Alpine National Park.