We have been given the opportunity to generate a 4WD Wash & Shine exhibit at the upcoming Alexandra Truck Show which takes place on Sunday 9th June, the Queen’s Birthday weekend this year.

If we could generate some interest of let’s say at least a dozen or so vehicles, we will potentially be able to have set aside an area just for this purpose in amongst the trucks and other displays at this excellent and extremely well attended show.
This is a great opportunity for clubs to get some fantastic exposure and potential new members.

There is an enormous amount of interest in this annual event which culminates on the Sunday with the town of Alexandra having its streets given over to the sounds of live bands, displays and other exciting activities for the whole family.

Please let us know here in the office as soon as possible if this is of any interest to you and or your members and we will pursue it further.

Check out the event here https://www.facebook.com/AlexandraTruckShow/