Butcher Country Track and Kellys Lane
On Tuesday of this week Four Wheel Drive Victoria CEO Wayne Hevey met with representatives of Parks Victoria Jenny Lawrence, Sarah Noonan and Greg Rose our Four Wheel Drive Victoria Regional Representative, in the Howitt Plains area of the Alpine National Park to inspect the massive repair works that have been completed at the start of Butcher Country Track.
The road travels through a sensitive peat moss area and the water flow had been effected causing damage to the surrounding environment. Parks Victoria have completed extensive modification works to ensure that the track does not get damaged by vehicles and the road has had heavy modification to enable water to flow under the road surface and enable the natural water flow through to the moss areas. The track is now able to withstand heavy rain and vehicle traffic over the long term. Substantial works have also been completed on the nearby Caledonia Track 
Whilst Wayne was up there the rangers opened Kelly's Lane earlier than the usual opening date at end of this month.
Butcher Country Track gets much steeper and more difficult beyond where the works finish so don't be deceived by appearances in the photo.
Four Wheel Drive Victoria would like to congratulate Parks Victoria for there sensible management of this track to ensure sustainable access by the many recreational users that enjoy this area of the Alpine National Park.