Some time ago Four Wheel Drive Victoria and its affiliated clubs were granted access to 381 Management Vehicle Only (MVO) tracks. These (MVO) tracks are permanently closed to the public and many have not been driven for a long time.
This means that affiliated Clubs and Trip Leaders can access these tracks and plan trips that include them. There is a process to be followed to obtain access approval and details are obtainable from Four Wheel Drive Victoria.
Once access has been granted from Parks Victoria and FWDV, you are entitled to enjoy a unique 4WD trip in the bush, as only FWDV affiliated club members are allowed access to MVO tracks. 
Trip Leaders and clubs are encouraged to research which tracks are available and plan club trips accessing these MVO tracks as historically not many clubs have taken up the opportunity. The expectation from Parks Victoria is that clubs create a report on the condition of the tracks and terrain. Further information follow link below…/documents/forms/MVO_Packag…