Hello all


Spring again I think.


It is with sad resignation that I have to report extensive damage to our local reserves, especially Knockwood Camping Reserve; some particularly mindless drivers have extensively damage the ground surface in the reserve causing Mansfield Forestry Officers to close it indefinably. This I one of the best examples of grassed large and open mountain camping reserves in the Northeast which is enjoyed extensively during the better part of the year by all. The men and woman of DELWP who look after these reserves so that you can enjoy it are broken hearted at the treatment of them by these fools. There is no excuse for this mindless damage and we will do our best to catch up with these people and deal with them.


A number of drivers have been penalised for driving their vehicles off the road in the past few months at Grannie’s Flat Reserve in Jamieson and the Jamieson Licola Road. As well drivers along the Strategic Fire break on the Warburton Woods Point Road.


A lot of you will know of the old Thompson Dam Village situated at the Oaks west of St Clair, this is also a historic reserve that has been damaged by thoughtless drivers, having a bit of “fun” in the snow I assume.  Someone went to the trouble of toppling over the stone memorial cairn located there. This memorial is dedicated to the men and woman who built the Thompson dam and lived in that village for several years in very harsh conditions. They also tried to remove the memorial plaque, thankfully failing in their endeavour.


Please have a look at the DELWP Facebook page to survey the damage that has occurred and I ask that any person may have some knowledge of or may have seen these Criminal Acts please contact myself, Mansfield or Marysville Offices for DELWP and pass on this information to us, I assure you that the appropriate actions will be taken.


Many eyes catch many crooks.


Be safe.