Four-wheel driving in the high country has it all, challenging tracks, great camping, and beautiful views. To keep the magic of the high country alive, we all need to pitch in and care for the alpine environment. Below are a few handy tips on how you can care for the high country on your next four-wheel drive adventure.

Stick to formalised, open tracks

The high country, in particular the alpine environment (above the tree line), is fragile. By driving off track, a single pass by a vehicle is enough to damage sensitive grasses, flowers and shrubs that make those views so spectacular. After a few passes, a small track becomes evident, encouraging more people to drive it without realising the damage they are doing. With rainfall, snow and frost, this track becomes more and more eroded until it becomes a giant rut. Run off from this erosion ends up in alpine wetlands and rivers degrading habitat for fish and other animals.

You can help care for the high country by driving only on formalised and open tracks. Tell your mates, and always be sure to follow local regulations and adhere to signage.

Observe road and track closures

Seasonal road and track closures are put in place for public safety, to help preserve tracks and allow for maintenance works to be undertaken. A single pass from a vehicle on a closed track can be enough to cause significant erosion, disturb recent works, and damage tracks. To ensure tracks are well maintained and accessible at other times of the year, seasonal closures are essential.


You can care for the high country by observing all road and track closures and by planning your trip accordingly. For more information on road and track closures please view the Public Access Map