Following the General Meeting in Warragul on the 25th of March, we wish to make aware of how the Mt Skene permit will run in 2017 after feedback from club members of the Association.

Excerpt from the General meeting minutes:

"Mt Skene was the next topic to be debated and there was considerable passion around this. Sentiment seemed to indicate that a maximum of 80 vehicles per day and a maximum of 20 vehicles per club per day was a fairer and more acceptable way to ensure that more people have an opportunity to access the road and enjoy the experience. No one club would be able to block out any days or weekends. The discussion was highly charged, and flowed freely. A member asked for feedback on the maximum number of vehicles per club per day being limited to 20, it was stated that it is FWDV’s ultimate decision and not a motion to be voted on. The CEO put the question to the floor and asked for feedback from members. The result was an almost unanimous show of hands in agreeance of 20 cars per club per day."

The outcome is such that a club can only apply for permits for 20 cars per day. Limited to a convoy of 10 vehicles. 

Click here for a full copy of the minutes.