There are a number of planned burns set to be ignited over the next couple of days if conditions are favorable. For more information and to stay up to date, follow the link below.


Planned burn status - definitions


Planned burns that may commence in the next 10 days when the weather and fuel conditions are suitable.

Authorisation required

A 'Ready' planned burn is waiting for approval for ignition; this is likely to occur in the next few days.

Ignition authorised

The planned burn has been approved for ignition, likely within the next 24 hours, subject to weather and resources. This approval is a final check that it is appropriate and safe to conduct the planned burn.


The planned burn has been ignited (in whole or part depending on burn size and/or situation). There is active fire within the area of the planned burn.

For the latest information about when planned burns are happening near you go to, download the                 VicEmergency app or call the VicEmergency hotline on 1800 226 226.

Gippsland Planned Burned update 28/3/17 can be found here