Due to the early start to winter with heavy snow and rain, some roads and tracks in Parks across the east and north east of Victoria will be temporarily closed from Thursday 6 June, ahead of the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend.

Early closures include tracks across the Alpine National Park, Baw Baw National Park, Snowy River National Park and Mt Buffalo National Park. 

If using roads and tracks that remain open remember to plan your trip, be well prepared and check the weather forecast before you go. 

Most of the roads and tracks will be re-opened in time for the Melbourne Cup Weekend, but the closure period can be extended if the conditions demand it.

e maps

Map 20A: Great Otway National Park (West)
Map 30: Baw Baw National Park (West)
Map 26C: Yarra Ranges National Park (South)
Map 34: Howqua Hills Historic Area
Map 35A: Alpine National Park (North West)
Map 35B: Alpine National Park (West A)
Map 35C: Alpine National Park (South West)
Map 35D: Alpine National Park (West B)
Map 35E: Alpine National Park (Central)
Map 35F: Alpine National Park (North)
Map 35G: Alpine National Park (North East)
Map 35H: Alpine National Park (East)
Map 35I: Alpine National Park (South East)
Map 36: Mount Buffalo National Park
Map 43: Snowy River National Park