On the 11th December 2018, DELWP released the More To Explore app for Android, plus an improved iOS version for iPhones and tablets. Since our first release back in December 2017, we have made the following improvements:
A new interactive offline maps function (called My Maps) allows you to select the areas you wish to download for use when out of mobile range.
Upgraded road information - We have swapped the Open Street Map road data for our own roads data layer, which delivers more reliable and comprehensive information on our forest road network as well as seasonal road closure information.
Upgraded public land tenure information - We are now using our own (rather that Open Street Map's) public land tenure data, so the spatial information showing underlying land tenure (eg. National Parks versus State forest) is now more comprehensive and accurate.
Improved the search function to include searching for 'places' (towns, etc.)
Re-designed the layout of site and track information with improved photo display.
Improved search functions (there is a basic search by activity function in the Android release and a more detailed search/filter function in the iOS release. The Android version will be brought up to parity with the iOS version in its next release).
Added an emergency location function which helps you report your location to 000 in an emergency.