I would like to dedicate this report to my good friend and colleague Geoff Kenafacke, who has decided to retire from the unpaid job he has performed so diligently for the past four years or so. He has worked tirelessly rounding up all the detailed information from our clubs and their members, relating to the magnificent volunteering efforts carried out across the state. I do not apologise but only thank him for his tenacity and determination in gathering the evidence required. Geoff has performed the task of dissecting the information into the large spread sheet, separating the individual elements so we can present a most informative report to the government and their land managers. It has been an absolute delight to have him working alongside us whilst performing this arduous task and reluctantly have taken the job back in house. Apart from the hours attributed to the task, he has never sought compensation for the telephone calls or other materials required to complete his work. I personally can’t thank him enough for his efforts and wish him and his very supportive wife Jenny, a very enjoyable future in their retirement. Wayne Hevey CEO May 2019 Regional Representatives Meeting Saturday Drive. “Confronting”. I was sitting beside Heyfield Parks Victoria Ranger Wayne Foon, as he guided our Regional Representatives convoy. Confronting was our summary of the scene that greeted us as we reached the summit of Mt Wellington and saw the devastation created by the recent Licola – Mt Margaret fire, part of the huge Macalister Complex fires. Our group had started on the journey to Mt Wellington and Millers Hut after meeting at the Parks Victoria office in Heyfield at 9 a.m. for a 9:30 start. The drive was the traditional, look around an area, as part of the May Regional Representatives meeting. We gathered in the parking area, take away coffee cups in our hands, while Wayne Foon and Vicki Jones (Parks Victoria Ranger Dargo) explained the plans for the day. The group, with quite a mix of 4x4 brands and configurations, headed north just before 9:30 with Alan Mackay and Wayne Hevey as Tail End Charlie. After a brief “comfort” stop in Licola the drive continued on the bitumen past the Wellington River camping areas and then onto the dusty gravel section of Tamboritha Road. Looking across from Bennison Lookout we could see burnt trees and scorched rock faces exposed by fire in the distance. The morning tea stop was at Lost Plain. There are some basic facilities, including a toilet, at Lost Plain. After a much needed cuppa Wayne and Vicki donned their compliance duties vests. The vests are similar to those worn by VicPol members. The vests are quite impres- sive with capsicum spray, baton, lots of little pockets and even handcuffs. News from FWDV CEO > May Regional Representatives Meeting TRACKWATCH JUNE 2019 3 Moving house soon? Changed your contact details? We want to make sure you keep receiving Trackwatch. If you are moving house or your details such as email address have changed, could you please let us know. Just send an email to projects@fwd- victoria or call the FWDV office on 03 98747222. Many thanks. Ian Fletcher (FWDV)