On 13/4/2019 the Bellarine 4WD club held a day trip for its new members who had little or no experience in 4WD. A convoy of 8 vehicles made their way to Barwon Downs. Upon arrival at our starting point, our trip leader and training officer talked about tyre pressures, recovery points, and recovery equipment. Members were then shown the difference between using a winch in a straight line pull and then using a snatch block. We then made our way into the bush for a fun day driving. Members got to use both low and high range, drive through some mud holes, and use a snatch strap all while making our way to Anglesea Heath. All members had a great time and the new members got to know what their vehicles are capable of and gained some more knowledge. > Club Spotlight Bellarine 4WD Club new members day Four wheel driving FOR BEGINNERS TRACKWATCH CONTRIBUTIONS Contributions to Trackwatch are welcomed. They should relate to a club activity, interesting destination, historic event, etc. 1. Type your story in Word with appropriate paragraphs and headings. No fancy fonts, colours, borders or imbeded photos in a single document. 2. Photos need to be of good quality and high resolution. Do not resize, crop or embed as part of the story. Send images as separate jpeg files. Ed TRACKWATCH JUNE 2019 23