After a few river crossings we reached our next destination, Jorgensens hut. Once again still in good condition being one of the newer rebuilds, but in need of a good clean, our crew eagerly set to work with brooms, mops, rags and elbow grease. Everyone took on a project, some cleaning the ash and debris from the inside fireplace, some using a mild degreaser and cleaning the BBQ splatter from the outside walls and then washing with soapy water, multiple brooms swept inside and out of the hut which included cobweb removal and others cleaned the windows inside and out. Rubbish was picked up from the surrounding area and then removed and a new broom and dust pan and brush were replaced in the hut. This hut was originally built in the 1950s as part of a mining lease that continued into the 1990s. The hut then became a bush shelter for different families and groups who frequented this area on camping holidays. After being lost in the 2013 fires, it was rebuilt on the same footprint and the memory of the old hut lives on in this new one. The Toyota Land Cruiser Club of Victoria have recently taken on the caretaker roll of this hut and today’s working bee is the first of many to look after it. Our journey continued, winding our way along Donnelly Creek, in and out of a few more river crossings and into O'Tooles camping area where we checked on the previous works we had done to fix the shelter. Still standing strong it was on to Goonans hut, another one of the newer huts that replaced an old mining hut after the fires. We already knew that we had to replace a door handle here, which we had noted on a previous trip, so the boys set to work removing the old one and refitting the new one while the rest of us chatted to the families camped in and around the hut. The campers were really appreciative of the work done and promised to make sure the hut was clean when they left the next day. The original hut here was built by Russell Hughes and his sons about 1980 as part of their mining claim and always kept stocked with food and wood for a fire for themselves or as refuge for any others needing shelter in this remote area. In 1991 the hut and claim was sold to Bill Goonan whose family then went on to use the hut for many years. Before long we were back on the tracks and heading toward Store Point hut, passing a couple of other huts that have been built on small parcels of private land nearby, Lloyds Hut and O'Sullivan’s Hotel being two of them. Just on the other side of the river crossing we pulled up at Store Point hut and did a quick clean-up of cobwebs and swept the floor, taking note of a couple of things that need doing by Store Point huts caretakers, the Pajero 4WD club that will be forwarded on for one of their trips. This hut was also originally built on a mining lease around 1975 with a second hut slightly further up the hill that was built a couple of years before it. The height of the river between them determined which hut was used, not knowing if they could cross the river due to the small bridge regularly being swept away and having to be rebuilt. This hut was in ruin and about to be demolished when members of the Pajero 4WD club stepped forward to save the hut and with the help of DELWP Rangers and the VHCHA, it was reconstructed. The Pajero 4WD Club and the VHCHA once again went up to repair this hut after the 2013 fires skimmed this hut and it was heat affected but unfortunately the top hut was destroyed and lost forever. We climbed out of the valley and up to our final destination. Half the convoy parted ways with us here and went home after their exciting day trip in the High Country travelling from hut to hut and the other half of the convoy decided to enjoy happy hour with Andy and myself around our campfire and pitch camp for the evening. The next morning was spent sharing the location of an old logging dugout and old powder magazine in the bush before heading home via Licola to air up and for a bite of lunch. Overall, it was a most enjoyable and relaxing weekend with a lot achieved in such a short amount of time. On behalf of Andy, the acting Huts Maintenance Officer Area 4 for the Victorian High Country Huts Association and myself, we would like to thank the Toyota Land Cruiser Club participants who joined us over the weekend and helped clean up all the huts along Donnelly Creek.  Andy and Sharyn McGregor We give a Hut! TRACKWATCH JUNE 2019 21