The huts spanning 160 years of history built in the area along Donnelly Creek between Aberfeldy and Mt Useful were our mission on this fine weekend. The weather played in our favour, we bathed in the warmth of the sunshine all week- end while the expected rains were never in sight. Early on Saturday 6th April we met our crew at McDonalds in Moe, to the excitement of some as they grabbed a quick breakfast before heading off toward our first hut near Aberfeldy. All 5 vehicles aired down their tyres at the Thomson Dam just before hitting the dirt for a more comfortable drive where we set off along the tracks enjoying the views along the dam and taking note of the scorched treetops in the distance from the recent bushfires. It wasn't long before we reached our first destination, the historic Stone hut at Codes Flat. This beautiful old hut is one of my favourites and rare due to its construction of all stone. On past visits it was looking poorly and deteriorating due to weather and time not doing it any favours. Recently this has changed though, as it became a special interest project of the new lease holder's family and friends. It is exciting to see a new roof has been put on this old hut with a slightly wider easement that will help to protect the stonework in the future and the stonework has also gained some attention with some repointing and damage now being fixed. The top of the chimney has been repaired and a new chimney top constructed in place of the old flu. Everyone enjoyed the tour around the hut and the bit of history I could share with them. Thought to date back as far as the 1860s, it is known to have been an old telegraph station and horse and coach stop. Passengers would stay in the old iron huts nearby while the horses were resting as it was a hard journey into this part of the high country. Alterations were made to the stone hut just after WW2 by the person living in it, enclosing a doorway and making it a window, the result of this can still be seen today in the side stone wall. The wooden huts nearby were built in the 1960s when the New Dawn Mine was in operation. This stone hut is a public asset and the collection of huts around it tell a story of hard times and history in the Victorian High Country. After passing a few old mining sites and the Toombon cemetery and old pub ruins, we reached the next hut on our journey, Junction hut. This hut is one of 3 old mining huts that were rebuilt in this area in 2015 after the fires. Still in great condition, there was very little we had to do here luckily as it was full of swags and other camping equipment from campers who were staying in and around it over the weekend. The original Junction Huts were built in the 1930s and lived in while fossicking for gold during the depression. The lease was held by the Walshe family for a long time while they made regular visits back to the area and after the first huts became dilapidated, the next generation of the Walshe family built in 1964 the Junction hut that was more widely known known to this day but sadly burnt down in the 2013 fires. 20 JUNE 2019 TRACKWATCH > Club Spotlight HUT to HUT along Donnelly Creek Toyota Land Cruiser Club members assist Victorian High Country Huts Association on a hut maintenance working bee