Yes! Eric did get one. Awesome seeing this, I could not help thinking if Hannibal had UNIMOGs instead of elephants he would have done more than cross the Rubicon etc. If he had the showroom’s impeccable new Land Rovers he would have done the same and in comfort. If you go to Gippsland Land Rover and see Charlie you too can have a new 4x4 too. The world’s most versatile 4x4 “comfort” machine a Land Rover off course, not an elephant. I wonder how back at the dairy farm things have changed. One thing for sure, Eric has a most understanding partner without whom this story would not have been possible. The cows too, what did they think now that they have less room in their shed? Did they welcome the MOG or think it’s a lot of bull? For me seeing this monster in the show- room dominating this exceptional club meeting was a bit like the mountain coming to a LROCG meeting and not visa-versa and a celebration of my love affair with the MOG without upsetting my wife. Thanks goes to David Murray as truck co-driver from farm to meeting (the MOG is not registered so Eric piggy- backed it on his semi to the meeting), David you pose a good photo too, so too does Ross Howell in front of the G wagon and Perentie, Wayne Foon for arranging the G wagons appearance As Eric “The Mahout” demonstrated in the semi loading photo, a machine like that is a lot of work; see the heavy chains used for securing. Technical specs? - Well to my mind the MOG compared to LRs, is like an ELEPHANT to GAZELLES. I’m impressed with the MOG dominating the meeting. Also the impeccable Land Rover range of vehicles, the club and its members, a memorable meeting. PS Eric was awarded the club’s “Best Show and Tell” of the year. Words by Richard Beilharz, LROCV, Photos by Greg Rose and Richard Beilharz. TRACKWATCH JUNE 2019 13 Plate and Fin Transmission Cooler