TRACKWATCH JUNE 2019 11 We celebrated the first snow of the season by participating in a smoking ceremony put on by Jida Gulpilil, the local indigenous representative who shared some of the cultural traditions, and then we all enjoyed a meal of Australian bush food that included marinated roast emu - it was absolutely delicious. Saturday afternoon everyone watched on with great interest as the very talented James Findlay put his traditional bush timber skills to work demonstrating all the old tools and techniques making slabs and shingles from a log starting from scratch, debarking, then split- ting, cutting, shaping and cleaning up the final product for use in building a hut. Having worked on huts and projects with many of the Victorian repre- sentatives at this Heritage Skills workshop, Andy and I are very hon- oured to feel part of something great, and we look forward to many more friendships forged through works with the Huts Associations. Sharyn McGregor