The last weekend in March, 2019 turned into a snowy, white winter wonderland for Andy and I when we attended the Australian Alps Heritage Skills weekend up at Howman’s Gap on the Bogong High Plains. Between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon we participat- ed in slideshows, talks, demonstrations and brainstorming groups with other passionate and skilled hut enthusiasts from Kosciusko Huts Assoc. Victorian High Country Huts Assoc. and The Mountain Huts Preservation Society of Tasmania. We were also joined by Parks Rangers from NSW, ACT, VIC and the ALPS National Park as well as experienced heritage builders with bush carpentry skills, an Archaeologist, Heritage specialists and a film and cameraman. The focus of the weekend was to understand the principles of the Burra Charter, to be able to define the difference between preservation, restoration and reconstruction, understanding the difference between doing as much as necessary but as lit- tle as possible, and also the importance of keeping records and taking photos of everything. Even though the weekend had a big focus on culture and heritage, it was also about getting to know our neighbours, the Rangers who we work with on our hut projects in the parks and the other Huts Associations that share our passion for huts and our other common interests. We found it a real bonding weekend, making new friends and strengthening relationships. Best of all, the Victorian High Country put on a winter wonder- land performance for all the heritage program participants by turning on the white fluffy stuff and covering us, the huts and the Bogong High Plains in snow while we travelled across the High Plains between Wallace’s hut, Cope hut and Pretty Valley hut over the weekend while learning about past heritage work projects and exchanging ideas for future projects. 10 JUNE 2019 TRACKWATCH AUSTRALIAN ALPS NATIONAL PARKS Heritage Skills Workshop > News