TRACKWATCH JUNE 2019 9 Mark Dirnbauer is a perfectionist. He used to be a builder and until a few years ago he played with vehicles as a hobby. Now his hobby has become a small business with a passion for quality. His enthusiasm for the VW Amarok and his extensive technical knowledge and understanding of this vehicle flows from him with little prompting. His workshop is stacked with parts and accessories as well as bits of Amarok from various projects being worked on. As a founding member of the Amarok club, he gets out there and enjoys driving and testing the various equip- ment and accessories that he special- izes in. He has developed many specialized 4x4 accessories for the Amarok that simply were not available on the market just a few years ago. Items such as GVM upgrades, rated recovery hooks, tuned suspension components and electrical kits have been designed, researched and tested by Mark to the highest levels of quality. His reputation in the Amarok owner community has seen him fitting out Amaroks for all sorts of enthusiastic clients including many members of the Amarok.Club. Mark says, “Net4x4 came about due to a lack of supply of quality custom accessories primarily for the VW Amarok when it was first released and has grown from that initial vehicle to others”. As he fondles one of his recovery hooks he explains the fine machining and manufacturing process this one item goes through. He even has a special machine to smooth and polish the item before it goes to powder coating. “We design, test and manufacture all of our branded accessories using the best quality materials and to be the best product of its type on the market. The way we see it, if you’re going to put the effort into making something make it the best it can be without compromise” he says. He has designed and engineered various components especially for the Amarok. His Net4x4 premium heavy duty recovery points have been designed, developed and manufactured by Net4x4 here in Australia and rated to 6000 kg. Other items include specially developed Bilstein Struts, H&R Coils, Net4x4 Diff Drop Kits, Net4x4Lift Block kits and Net4x4 plug in electrical adap- tor kits such as twin reverse lights and headlight auxiliary connectors. He proudly talks about the workmanship and quality of the products he offers such as his GVM upgrades and others that are in future development such as a low range transfer case kit for the auto- matic Amarok. You can tell he is pas- sionate about the quality of his work- manship as he shows you how he designs and tests his products, and is happy to discuss the different stages of manufacture that can be easily seen in his workshop. The other side of Mark is his involve- ment with exten- sive fundraising activities for MS research and his own personal challenges with the disease. The day we were visiting was freezing cold and wet yet Mark was oblivious to the conditions in his polo shirt and shorts. He explained that because of his MS he does not usually feel the cold and he wears shorts most of the time. As a member of the Amarok Club, Mark and his family were involved in the hugely successful MS Society Melbourne Cycle + half marathon as mentioned in the March Trackwatch. The Amarok team raising over $22,500 to help find a cure for this debilitating disease. He gets through each day with a deter- mination that you have to admire for someone with such enthusiasm and passion for his endeavors. Mark is more than happy to discuss the right fit–out of your Amarok with tried and tested gear that will not let you down. Check out his website – Ian Fletcher Mark Dirnbauer > Spotlight The Amarok Man