18 SEPTEMBER 2018 TRACKWATCH A past President of the Melton & District 4WD Club approached Rudi Paoletti from the West Gippsland Relic, Mining and Heritage Protection Inc., to find out what tracks were in the West Gippsland area, in order for him to run a trip there. Rudi offered to come along to one of our meetings to speak about the work being carried out throughout the Gippsland region by his group of dedicated volunteers and show a pictorial history of these efforts, with the aim to entice other clubs to get involved. Rudi told us he was a publisher and author of over 20 maps and 15 books on the Walhalla to Jamieson District, founder of the Aberfeldy Track and now the Maintenance Manager. Also he had run Navrun 4WD Events - since 2002 - having run over 89 events to date. At our meeting Rudi, during an hour talk, told us how he became the founder and quite a few interesting stories about the Aberfeldy Track. At the end of the talk Rudi also offered his books and maps at discounted prices for all club members. The feedback from the members was encour- aging, and we wanted to be part of this historical venture. Our president approached Rudi, offering our services to be added to the nine 4x4 Club team by adopting a region on the Aberfeldy Track. Rudi offered us a position that was vacant for the iconic Morning Star Water Wheel Walk, which entailed clean ups done at least twice a year. > 4x4 Destination The Aberfeldy Track Members from the Melton & District 4WD Club discover and explore the heritage of the Aberfeldy Track under the guidance of Rudi Paoletti Trip report for Aberfeldy Track- Morning Star Water Wheel clean up 7:30am Good Friday saw the group meeting at the Bunnings carpark, and we made our way in convoy along the highway. We arrived at our campground to meet our tour guides, Ian, Erin and Peter from the Aberfeldy Track Association. After setting up camp and eating some lunch, we got to find out a little more about our tour guides around a campfire and a rough idea of what we will need to do the following morning. Everyone went to bed at a reasonable time for our early morning start. Old boiler at The Crinoline