Gippsland Land Rover in Morwell, Trackwatch advertisers, recently approached the Land Rover Owners Club of Gippsland and invited members to put rare or unusual vehicles on display in the Land Rover Showroom. The display of five Land Rovers is attracting plenty of attention with people calling in just to admire and ask about the vehicles. The display presents an excellent opportunity for sales staff to engage visitors in conversation about the brand. The benefit to the club is having members of the public become more aware of the club and the opportunities to collect, restore and maintain older vehicles. The current display features a Series 1, Series 2a, Series 3, 6x6 Perentie and a 1993 Discovery 1. There are many rare and unusual vehicles in four wheel drive clubs and it might be worth approaching dealer- ships to ask if they would be interested in hosting a similar display. Greg Rose, Land Rover Owners Club of Gippsland. 12 SEPTEMBER 2018 TRACKWATCH Gippsland Land Rover 497 Princes Drive, Morwell. Tel: 5134 1422. LMCT: 11552 OUR MOST CAPABLE VEHICLE YET. THE JUDGES THOUGHT SO TOO. ALL-NEW DISCOVERY After rigorous testing by a group of industry experts, the All-New Discovery has been named carsales Car of the Year 2017. carsales Editor in Chief Mike Sinclair explained, “The Discovery is now so much more than an accomplished off-roader. It is a proven badge that in its latest versionbringsanunprecedentedbreadthofability.”Thisaccoladeisjustanotherreasonwhythe All-New Discovery goes above and beyond. > Club Spotlight Club Vehicle Display