Six steps to prepare in advance to stay safe during summer

During summer, weather and conditions can change dramatically with parks affected by fires, flooding or high winds. Visitor safety is one of Parks Victoria’s highest priorities and we may need to quickly close certain parks to protect the public and our staff.

You should not expect to receive warnings or advice directly from Parks Victoria in an emergency or when parks need to be closed. Bushfire preparedness and safety is the responsibility of all Victorians so please use the information in this email to get prepared and stay informed and safe within our parks.

1.       We encourage you to download the Vic Emergency phone app now, available on android or iOS, to ensure you receive all emergency warnings and advice for a range of hazards. You can create up to 20 watch zones with push notifications tailored to your specific work areas and needs.

2.       Visit the Emergency Management Victoria site for live fire warnings and incidents and follow their social media channels:

3.       See here for a full list of parks that will be closed on Code Red days, when weather conditions pose a high fire risk.

4.       Some areas (within a park or the whole park) in the Central Forecast District are closed on day/s where local conditions have a Severe or Extreme Fire Danger Rating.

5.       Please familiarise yourself with the CFA website regarding what you can and can’t do on days declared Total Fire Ban.

6.       For up to date CFA total Fire Bans and Ratings, click here

A bushfire survival plan is just as essential for drivers and campers as it is for those at home. Check the weather forecast before you go, stay aware of daily conditions and be ready to activate you bushfire survival plan.

Remember that official warnings of bushfires are not always available in remote locations, so extra effort is required to keep informed. If you are camping, take a portable radio and tune in to ABC or local outlets for weather and fire updates. Monitor conditions with updated bushfire information from the Victorian Bushfire Information Line: 1800 240 667.

Extra care must be taken with any potential ignition sources like power tools and cigarette butts. Vehicles should not be driven over dry ground cover or parked on dry grassy areas.