Here are some brief pointers to help you across sand tracks:


  • Take a shovel and flat plate so the jack doesn’t sink in, plus a compressor and tyre pressure gauge
  • Full tank of fuel as consumption is high


  • Remove weight from the vehicle
  • Fit a sand flag for driving in sand dune country


  • Lower tyre pressures to increase traction, minimize track damage and reduce chance of punctures.
  • Lower tyre pressures enable the vehicle to increase floatation on the sand surface and reduces chance of tyres digging in.
  • Adjust speed to suit the terrain
  • Use steady momentum, but not aggressive driving
  • High range for higher speed, low range for tight tracks
  • Keep the speed down even when it’s flat
  • Disable stability control, engage 4WD. Cross-axle lockers aren’t often useful
  • If the wheels spin, immediately stop and back out. Don’t spin your vehicle’s wheels into a hole
  • Lights on for visibility
  • Accelerate gently, brake by just coming off the accelerator