Here are some brief pointers to help you across dirt tracks:


  • Tyre pressure guage
  • Tyre repair kit
  • Tyres suitable for 4WD conditions

Tips: Driving

  • Reduce tyre pressure to suit the conditions, increase traction and reduce chance of punctures.
  • Adjust speed to match tyre pressure
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Engage 4WD on loose surfaces
  • Use a slightly lower gear than normal
  • In steep, slippery or difficult terrain engage low range 4WD
  • Headlights on for visibility
  • Don’t swerve for animals; slow down
  • Slow down for oncoming vehicles, especially those with dust clouds
  • When following another vehicle keep well back to avoid dust
  • Expect other vehicles anywhere on the road
  • Keep away from loose, gravelly parts of the road, follow defined wheel tracks